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Soldiers and angels of Valmarecchia Soldiers and angels of Valmarecchia
A cultural trekking in Alta Valmarecchia, looking for the tracks of the ancient Montecopiolo castle and for a rare landscape: the Nativity by Piero Della Francesca, narrated by the great Renaissance painter.

Data: November 12

November 12

A cultural trekking in Alta Valmarecchia, looking for the tracks of the ancient Montecopiolo castle and for a rare landscape: the Nativity by Piero Della Francesca, narrated by the great Renaissance painter.
November 1

During the tour of Urbania, as we admire all of its beauties, we propose an unusual visit to Barco Ducale of Urbino.
Duke Federico’s park was dedicated to migratory fauna hunt and connected to the Ducal Palace by a mile of river, which knights and ladies navigated with a boat.
Piero Della Francesca will tell us about the Triumphs.
October 22

A day with an archaeologist on the territory and landscapes of the Valley, focusing in particular on Malatesta fortresses and on the passage of artists, pilgrims and warlords during Middle Ages and Renaissance.
In San Leo we will meet and talk to Piero Della Francesca, who will narrate his life.

October 1

We will admire the sites of Urbino drawn by Leonardo on his notebook, as he arrived in town with Cesare Borgia. Our exclusive tour will unveil very recent discoveries on the relationship between the Genius and this incredible town. A Renaissance banquet will welcome us with typical local products before a 360° view of the whole ancient duchy.
In Urbino we will meet Gioconda.

September 24

How did Piero della Francesca and Leonardo da Vinci paint landscapes in the fifteenth century?
We will find out visiting alta Val Marecchia.
We will meet Piero della Francesca and La Gioconda, who will narrate their Montefeltro.
September 10

Tour of Pennabilli, dear to Tonino Guerra and privileged observatory of the landscape behind one of the most famous paintings in the world: La Gioconda.
We will then meet Pacifica Brandani, the real Gioconda.
In the afternoon, tour of Sogliano al Rubicone, small hamlet in the Valley that dedicated many art projects to the Genius.
August 20

We will discover the splendor of a grand dynasty, the Montefeltro, starting from the landscapes painted by Master Piero Della Francesca, whom we will then meet.
We will visit an unknown Urbino, enjoying the sunset from Albornoz fortress and a nocturnal tour!
August 5

A very special resident still lives in the landscapes of Piero Della Francesca, in Montefeltro: the Wolf. During the day we will meet the renowned renaissance artist, who will tell us about life in Montefeltro in the sixteenth century. At night, using the WOLF HOWLING technique, we will listen to the Wolves and their howling.
From Sunday October 2, 2016 to Wednesday October 5, 2016

Un viaggio dal sapore unico per conoscere la vera identità della Gioconda e ammirare gli straordinari paesaggi che, nel '500, hanno emozionato Leonardo da Vinci e Piero della Francesca... ma non solo: un'occasione per scoprire alcuni suggestivi borghi medievali come Petrella Guidi, tanto cara a Tonino Guerra, e paesi come Pennabilli e Santarcangelo di Romagna.
30th September 2016

The project manager, Davide Barbadoro, talks about the evolution of cultural project "Montefeltro Vedute Rinascimentali"
From Thursday June 9, 2016 to Sunday July 17, 2016

Free visits to Piero della Francesca Balconies and Leonardo da Vinci
for those who buy a ticket for the shows

Also planned tour packages with routes up to Montefeltro

And for the promotion campaign on social networks
and thousands of brochures to be distributed in the Riviera and in the hinterland.
From Monday June 20, 2016 to Tuesday June 21, 2016

The Univerity of Rome and the Central European Landscape Studies with the collaboration of Koninklijk Nederlands Istituut Rome, organize the meeting "ESPANDERE I CONFINI, PAESAGGIO E TERRITORIO COSTIERO TRA REALTA' E IMMAGINE"
From Sunday June 19, 2016 to Sunday June 19, 2016

The project, conceived by Masque Theatre in collaboration with Cinemovel Foundation, brings together two of the most emblematic works of art history, The Resurrection of Piero della Francesca and The Large Glass Marcel Duchamp. In Forlì, Sunday, June 19.
2nd June 2015

in rappresentanza dell'Italia in Bahrain
18th April 2016

From the Lost Roses Garden to the discovery of Montefeltro landscapes in the Renaissance masterpieces.
25 Febbraio 2015

Da Piero della Francesca a Leonardo da Vinci
dal Dittico dei Duchi di Urbino a La Gioconda
un progetto di marketing territoriale

From Thursday February 11, 2016 to Thursday February 11, 2016

tra i 12 migliori festival d'europa
7th dicember 2015

L'evento, co-organizzato dall'Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Beirut e da USEK-Université Saint Esprit de Kaslik, è stato aperto da una conferenza, "Alla ricerca dei paesaggi di Piero della Francesca e Leonardo da Vinci", a cura di Maria Cristina Turchi, Responsabile promozione culturale all'estero dell'Assessorato alla cultura Regione Emilia-Romagna.
24 ottobre 2015

Settimana del Pianeta Terra
28th June 2015

The balconies are easily accessible and provide visitors with detailed information on each art landscape.
Domenica 3 maggio

I paesaggi di Leonardo come studi di natura
Cerimonia di conferimento della Cittadinanza Onoraria a CARLO PEDRETTI
27th february

Art landscapes belong to cultural heritage
27th february

music, poetry and pictures from the Montefeltro area
15th January 2015

Two Italian researchers, experts on art landscapes discovery, are ready to publish their new book on the landscape of the world's most famous art work.
14th March-15th June 2015

Drawing, Arts and Science
6th October

On the life and works of travelling master: Piero della Francesca
Saturday 4th October 2014

Opening of the new balconies in Petrella Guidi and Pugliano
19th October

A trip to the places that inspired the landscapes in the Mona Lisa. Departure from Rimini for the Valmarecchia area
12 October

In occasione della giornata delle Bandiere Arancioni visitiamo insieme i balconi rinascimentali di San Leo
1st August

Drinks, events and visit to Piero della Francesca�s balcony in San Leo, with an actor
3rd june

Montefeltro Vedute Rinascimentali's new projects and initiatives
May 2014

Talks on beauty: landscape hunting - The invisible landscape
6th, 7th, 8th June 2014

Workshop of contemporary photography in San Leo. Directed by Paola Binante.
4th May 2014

Conference part of the initiative "Parole, immagini, al MuVi" (Words and images at MuVi)

31st March

The Montefeltro Renaissance Sights project, focusing on the landscapes painted by Piero della Francesca and Leonardo da Vinci lands in Bulgaria.

Thursday 19th Dicember 2013

Debate on the future of the Marche region. Local actors should be invited to participate and listened to in the planning of the European Regional Development Funds (ERDS) 2014-2020

Awards to the project MVR by the Center Giacometti - the source of culture - Bregaglia, Switzerland
26th november

Montefeltro Renaissance Views as an example of best practice for the promotion of the territory
18th november

Monday 18, November 2013 5 PM - Municipal Library, Piazza della Repubblica, Cattolica: Open educational class for teachers and citizens interested in the protection and promotion of our landscapes.
12nd November 2013

Piero's Balcony at Uno Mattina Verde
20 ottobre 2013

Fabio Fazio interview Flavio Caroli on renaissance views
25th october 2013

31st October, 2013

History, Culture, Tourism, Arts and Ancient Crafts in the European Adriatic Territory
28th - 29th september 2013

Two days entirely devoted to the discovery of the area around San Leo.
September 27th, 2013

The Association of Engineers of Rimini and the association "Associazione Congenia" celebrate their anniversary with a series of social, cultural and sports events.
19th - 20th october 2013

Visit our Renaissance balconies while the city of San Leo will go back in time to 1400 A.D. Discounted price tickets available.
August 27th to 31st, 2013

Th 8th IAG/AIG International Conference on Geomorphology - Cité des Sciences de La Villette - Paris
The Da Vinci Landscape code: exploring the panorama behind La Gioconda
8th september 2013

The project, conceived and carried out by the Tourist board of Emilia-Romagna (APT Servizi Emilia Romagna) in collaboration with Instagramers, collects user's pictures of Emilia Romagna.
24 settembre 2013

Aggiornamento per guide turistiche sul progetto Montefeltro Vedute Rinascimentali
14th August

You can book your guided tour (also in English) to Piero della Francescas Renaissance Balconies in San Leo and Urbania
August 2013

During the entire month of August you will be able to enjoy a night tour both to Piero della Francescas landscapes and to the impregnable fortress of San Leo.
28 June 2013

The Montefeltro Renaissance Sights project will be presented in the Netherlands
25 e 26 maggio 2013

San Leo's Renaissance Fortress will bring you back to the XV Century through "San Leo A.D. 1469"
27 Aprile 2013

I paesaggi di Piero della Francesca e della "Galleria" del vecchio tracciato ferroviario.
24 aprile 2013

From the vast plains of Texas to Piero della Francescas landscapes
18th April 2013

Art historian Roberto Zapperi fully confirms, in his last book, the thesis supported by Borchia and Nesci.

to major of San Leo, Mauro Guerra and chairman of San Leo 2000, Davide Barbadoro
14th March 2013

Official presentation "Codice P - Atlante illustrato del reale paesaggio della Gioconda" ("Code P, The Illustrated Atlas of the Mona Lisa's Real Backdrop) by Rosetta Borchia and Olivia Nesci

Codice P - Olivia Nesci
15 january 2013

Experts believe they have discovered the location of the landscape shown in the Mona Lisa.

8th january 2013

8th January 2013 - Director of the Vatican Museums writes to Professor Olivia Nesci
Friday 4th January 2013

Theatre of Pennabilli - Conference on the Landscape of the Mona Lisa. Rosetta Borchia and Olivia Nesci will present their book 'Codice P. Atlante illustrato del paesaggio della Gioconda' ("Code P. The illustrated Atlas of the Mona Lisa's background landscape")
Year 2012

Cultural landscape: ideas for the sustainable development of a specific regional area.
From Sunday December 16, 2012 to Sunday December 16, 2012

the real landscape of the Mona Lisa
From Friday November 30, 2012 to Friday November 30, 2012

20th October 2012

Spend a day in the Montefeltro area discovering Piero della Francescas landscapes, unveiled by Rosetta Borchia, painter and landscape photographer and Olivia Nesci, professor of Geomorphology at the University of Urbino and landscape expert.
From Wednesday September 19, 2012 to Wednesday September 19, 2012

Presentation of the MVR Project at the Villa Imperiale - San Bartolo Natural Park
13th of August 2012

The presentation of "Montefeltro Renaissance Sights" was a success beyond expectations. It was held at Villa Capicchioni, right in the Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo, on the 13th of August 2012, as part of the Park's summer recreational programme.
From Tuesday July 24, 2012 to Tuesday July 24, 2012

Linus reaches San Leo by bike - from Linus' blog
June, 23rd 2012

The first three balconies from where the landscapes of Piero della Francesca can be admired will be officially opened at the end of June 2012.
From Saturday September 24, 2011 to Sunday September 25, 2011

On Saturday, September 24th the project will be presented in San Leo, at San Leo's Castles, at 17 pm.
From Thursday May 8, 2008 to Saturday May 10, 2008

The contribution of geomorphology to the analysis of some important paintings of the Italian renaissance: an example taken from Piero della Francescas paintings.