Landscapes by Piero and Leonardo: points of view

September 24 - How did Piero della Francesca and Leonardo da Vinci paint landscapes in the fifteenth century?
We will find out visiting alta Val Marecchia.
We will meet Piero della Francesca and La Gioconda, who will narrate their Montefeltro.

Landscapes by Piero and Leonardo: points of view

Arrival at Petrella Guidi, charming medieval hamlet in Alta Valmarecchia which has been brought back to life through recent skillful restoration interventions. Here we will find the balcony that allows us to see the landscape from “Baptism of Christ” by Piero della Francesca, today at London National Gallery, majestic work with an extremely rigorous  mathematical ratio system.

An actor, performing as Piero della Francesca, will contribute to a better understanding of the work and of the artist.

Walk up the medieval tower and visit of St. Apollinaire restored church, in the hamlet.

In the afternoon we head to Pennabilli; from this wonderful point of view we will observe a landscape stretching from Fumaiolo mountain to Marecchia river, with the mysterious bridge disappearing on the right of the most famous painting in the world: La Gioconda.


Two actors will allow us to meet the real Gioconda, Pacifica Brandani from Urbino.

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