Leonardo and Romagna

September 10 - Tour of Pennabilli, dear to Tonino Guerra and privileged observatory of the landscape behind one of the most famous paintings in the world: La Gioconda.
We will then meet Pacifica Brandani, the real Gioconda.
In the afternoon, tour of Sogliano al Rubicone, small hamlet in the Valley that dedicated many art projects to the Genius.

Leonardo and Romagna

In the first part of the excursion we will reach the village of Pennabilli, adoption residence of great poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra.

Walking up the highest part of this splendid helmet and listening to its story we will reach an observing point, from which we will see a portion of the landscape behind Gioconda. The real identity of the enigmatic woman will finally be unveiled.

Meeting with Pacifica Brandani, also known as La Gioconda.

In the early afternoon we will travel to Sogliano al Rubicone and visit the famous Parenti Collection, where we will admire precious facsimiles of Leonardo da Vinci codes; in particular, we will listen to the explanation of code “L”, currently located in the France Institute in Paris.


We will conclude with a tour of San Donato Park, not far from Sogliano, where huge totems were built with the incision of a drawing by Leonardo, representing the ingenious method used by shepherds to communicate from one valley to the other in this territory.

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