The Invisible Landscape: the book

The book: The Invisible Landscape.

Discovering the real landscapes of Piero della Francesca

By Rosetta Borchia and Olivia Nesci

The story begins by chance, just like in Antonioni's Blow up, with a casual close-up on a series of pictures of Montefeltro's landscapes, which looked a lot like some of the landscapes painted by Piero della Francesca in the Diptych of the Duchess and Duke of Urbino exposed at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. It is interesting to note that, for centuries, those landscapes had been considered as purely imaginary.

The coincidence could be considered, so far, as a merely superficial observation, driven by the love for arts and for this amazing region. But the two authors' curiosity is not satisfied so easily and they start a passionate and challenging quest, exploring the hills and the crags of the region, looking for the observation points Piero might have adopted when he painted his works of art.

The book tells about this picaresque adventure, about the long walks and the computer analysis of data by a painter-photographer and a geomorphologist, sharing their respective know-how in order to prove their intuition right, through a strict scientific method considering all the elements progressively arising during the inquiry.
It's the diary of an intellectual adventure that also lays the basis for a new discipline: landscape archaeology.

And for a new passion as well: landscape busting.

The Invisible Landscape: the book Publisher: Il Lavoro Editoriale
Publishing date: 2011
ISBN: 9788876636615
Domain: Archaeology / Landscape Archaeology

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